Sunday, October 19, 2008

Some sneak peaks, personal WIPS, and an Etsy pledge to myself

(President Nixon approves of crochet. Because he likes to eat it)

FYI - I STILL think that wip (work in progress) sounds a little more fun than it really is.

First, I'd like to share some personal projects... These pictures aren't the greatest, but I thought it would be nice to share some projects as I work.

First...the scarf I am making for hubby. I am using Paton's Bamboo Silk blend yarn. I LOVE touching this yarn. In fact, I love it so much I made a big mess of the skein because I pulled it off in order to pet it. I'm so astounded by the shine and softness that at least once a week I search for hand dyed bamboo thread, or silk-bamboo lace weight yarn. (hint, hint!)

Though my husband wanted a fairly wind-resistant scarf, so I am using pretty thin dpn's. So I may never finish the scarf. Though when I am 80 and have only finished 5 inches or so of scarf - those 5 inches will be REALLY warm and snuggly!

Next up: My choker!
I realized I've been spending all this time working on jewelry, and I never made my favorite sort of jewelry for myself.

I just love chokers. They can be worn with just about any neckline, they usually look fun and funky, and I guess in an emergency they would keep my neck an itty bitty bit warmer.

This choker is gray cotton with swarovski elements crystal beads. The purple ones will be the button closures (so the necklace will be metal free! A very important element for me!!). The smaller beads will be crocheted into little dangly elements. If the choker works out as well as I hope I will make similar ones for my Etsy store.

And now for some Etsy wips.. (oh come on, doesn't that make you giggle a little?)

Oh boy... I really need to finish up some bracelets!

The bangles just need to be closed up and fancified a bit. The candy corn bracelet just needs to have the ends woven in.

The white elephant...well.. who doesn't need a white elephant? Ha!

I need to weave in ends, block it, and I think I will make a wee little tassle to dangle behind and below the elephant.

And finally..a full sized pony dress!

This is another longer-term project. I'm planning on adding some rainbow and black scrumbling (free form crochet) to the skirt. It's a bit of a labor intensive process because I need to make several different motifs - swirls, bobbles, frilly bits, spirals, and so on and then assemble them all into the correct sort of skirt shape.

While I was working on the bracelets up above, I had a bit of an epiphany. Though, perhaps, a little less dramatic. A change of heart?

I signed up on Etsy with 2 goals 1) To hopefully have crochet be a hobby that could support itself and 2) To maybe even raise enough extra money to go towards a visit to Ireland.

I had (and still have) a fairly empty shop and zero sales and I...panicked. I was desperate to fill that shop up! And not only did I panic, but I started to feel bad about the things I make.

Meanwhile I was crocheting during breaks at work, and co-workers were complimenting my work, and saying they could never do what I do. And I'd thank them, and feel nice, but it wasn't really sinking in.

And then while I was fussing with the white elephant bracelet (which maybe only I think is funny - I promise the cost of upkeep will actually be very very low) I realized...not everyone can do what I do. YES, there are a lot of very talented jewelry, crochet, and fiber artists out there. But a lot does not equal everyone.

So I should just chill out already.

So I am making an Etsy pledge to myself - I will only make things that I, personally, would want to own. I will put my best effort into everything. I'll charge what I think is fair to myself and others. And if I never sell a single thing I will have a lot of loot. And I'll chill out already.

So what pledges do you make to yourself to stay sane?


kim* said...

im a choker kinda girl. always loved chokers the best, non of that lose stuff... maybe a lil but not too much.

UniqueNurseGranny said...

Love the white elephant.Enjoy the chokers when you get old it is not as comfortable..You stay so busy.I am impressed.