Sunday, October 26, 2008

Etsy Interview: Enyaeire

Enyaeire is a very familiar name on the Etsy forums. She is the founder of the A cup of Tea and a Chat while you promote????????????? thread. At the time of this post that thread has 16399 posts!

She was gracious enough to share an interview with us. Thank you Enyaeire!

Please, tell us a little about yourself.
I am Irish and was born and raised in Co. Dublin Ireland. I go by the name enyaeire but my real name is Amanda. Enya is an Irish singer and Eire is Gaelic for Ireland so I put them both together and come up with the name enyaeire. I have many interests and of course crochet being one of them. I also like to etch glass and knit. I love everything to do with Celtic Art. I forgot to mention that I am known to be very witty yet there again most Irish people are.

How did you decide to start the A cup of Tea and a Chat while you promote????????????? thread? What are some of your favorite things about that thread?
I decided to begin this thread because often people just post their listings and run. I thought by making a thread where people can share their items and hang around to get to know other etsians it would be cool.

You also often help others promote their items, that's great! How often do you do that? And do you have any tips for self-promotion, or for promoting others?
I always encourage people who come to chat in the thread because I feel like is not always about oneself but about helping others. I love it and I do it willingly.

Now, about you on long have you been selling on Etsy?
I joined etsy on April 4th 2008 and now I am addicted *laughing^.

What is your shop filled with?
My shop is filled with many different items like crocheted hats, scarves, wraps, bags, bandanas and many other different creations etc.

Are there any materials or tools you find yourself wanting to use most often?
I love wool and crochet. whenever I see a ball of wool just by looking at it, I get a vision of the next project that I want to do.

What about themes or projects?
I love celtic art and all of my items are my own creations. I have never used a pattern as it all comes naturally. My next project is a little different but before I can say what it is, I must get Etsy's permssion first. Keep your fingers crossed for me that they do give it to me.

And, finally, are there any links you want to share?
Yes, these are a couple of etsyiers that I really admire for them as people but also their wonderful stores.

thank you for checking them out


Alison Du Bois said...

What a nice post, enjoyed it very much!

Art By MAR said...

Great interview, I have seen her thread in promos, will have to stop in and chat. I LOVE her hats!