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Therapy Friday-ish, Part II

goodcat As promised, the rest of the April Phat Fiber Box.   I know it's a bit late, but luckily fiber has a pretty good shelf life.

 A lot of pictures under the cut!


Oooh, lots of little non-fiber goodies!   First of all, a Traveling Eyelet Sweater pattern from Kira K Designs.  I'm not much of a knitter, but I'm still tempted to make this.  It's nicely shaped and there's a bit of a cowl.  How cute would it look in black with a pumpkin orange shirt under it?

One day I'd like to be able to submit patterns, but I'm not there yet.  Until then, I'll just hoard them.

I also have a cute, little, chicken covered Little Buddy Notions Bag from Blue Mtn. Handcrafts.   I can't picture sewing one of these, let alone enough to send in for a Phat Fiber donation.   It's so cute, and perfectly made.  Right now I have some roving in it, but when I get a little more organized I will use it for the purpose it was intended.   Her shop also has samples and tools in it, so it's a bit dangerous for the ol' fiber diet.

There are also stitch markers from Yarndemon Designs and My Fair Bag Lady.   Alas, and boo hoo, they are for knitting needles.   Though I can use them as pendants, or buy leverbacks from them to use in my crochet, so they are still very useful! 

And something I am very excited about - tiger buttons from Galia's Spindle Designs.   I was really hoping to snag these in my box!   I don't know what I'm going to use them for, but it's going to be for me, Me, ME!  Pardon me, while I growl at passersby.


"Amoeba" from Wild Orchids Fiber Arts.   The note says it was created by her 10 year old daughter, but I don't know if she put the colors together, or helped dye the fibers. Either way, way to go 10 year old! Contains naturally dyed mulberry silk (lilac and sweet pink), natural silver superfine alpaca top, and a 50/50 mix of cashmere and mulberry silk top. 

I have no idea why it's called amoeba, but amoeba's are actually pretty cool little guys.  They have a huge genome, and apparently they have other, even smaller, little critters living inside of them  Also, I'm partial to the name of their Etsy store, being an orchid collector.   I collect mostly warm weather orchids, but there are native orchids to North America, such as the lady slippers. 

This is a really beautiful braid!   But I think that 1) the sheer beauty of the materials and 2) the number of possible ways to spin it have me a bit scared of it.   What if I don't pick the best way? I'll save it for later.


Annie and the Wild Animals by Bohemian Knitter Chic.

Contains merino, bamboo, and angelina.    I think, after I finish The Plan, this will be my next project.  It's just lovely, and I love golden reds, plus how could I resist angelina.   Or bamboo.

Queenie! From Cozy Cove.

I smile every time I see this little sample, it is alpaca with black bamboo and copper angelina.   Queenie is described as a very friendly alpaca.   And just look at her!  She looks like the sort of friend you would want to wake up early and share and apple with.   I really just want to pet her.

The package came with carbonized bamboo, and a little pompom that I think is made with handspun? It's so soft, and I can clearly tell I've overspun my alpaca because it is NOT that soft, not even close.  So I'm really thankful for that little pompom.  Plus, the carbonized bamboo was my husband's favorite.   He keeps asking if I've bought more yet.   (And I keep saying, "We bought a lathe!")

All Creatures "small" Carded Batt
from (Rule Out): fiber addiction, NOS
SW Corriedale Wool, Tussah Silk, Silk Noil, Sari Silk

First of all, it's very pretty, more of those reds and golds!   After that I had to look up Corriedale and Silk Noil.   Which it good, I appreciate knowing what I don't know, that's for sure! Corriedale is apparently soft and lusterous, and easier to spin because of it's long staple length and crimp.   Right on!   Ok, maybe I should spin this next?!


Ok, now this one is just fun.   Plus, clearly, there's a best way to spin it.   Ply on the fly! Or, no, wait...2 ply with black?   Beehives? Adding beads?
Oh, crumb biscuits, too many wonderful choices!   (And that's why we like spinning, to make the yarn we want, even if the yarn we want is, in fact, all of them).

It is "Tiny Zinnias"
by Spinning Awesome Good
pure merino

Looks like they are closed right now, but their rovings are so cute I'm sure they sold out pretty quickly.


Luna Moth
Ambrosia and Bliss
merino wool, tussah silk, carbonized bamboo, angelina, and firestar

Now this one got a pretty powerful response from both my husband and I.   I thought it was amazing, and poor husband exclaimed, "What possible piece of clothing could you ever justify being that color?!"

"Luckily" it was sold out by the time I flung myself towards etsy, so my husband was spared.  This time.

Blue Dragonfly
Moonwood Farm
Layered batt with alpaca, mulberry silk, bamboo, milk and sparkle

Let me just say, that picture is not very good.  This batt feels like warm luxury.   Just picking it up makes my fingertips warm. I think I was trying to get a picture of the fact that the tag is tied on with matching yarn.  Which, I guess if you dye and spin your own fibers, that is an option open to you.

This is one I don't really want to spin.  It's just perfect the way it is.   I'll just buy hundreds of them, thousands, and wear them like that snowsuit in A Christmas Story, the one that was impossible to move it.


 Lavendar Waxbill
Feistywoman Designs
Posy Toes Cashmere for socks

60% superwash wool, 20% nylon, 15% cashmere, 5% bamboo.

I'm a big fan of Feistywoman Designs - it was my first Phat purchase.   And I just love her sense of color, and even her blog.  I guess I'm a fan!

I absolutely love the magenta with the dark lilac, and if I crocheted socks I'd be on it like a donkey on a waffle (blame hubby for adding THAT one to my lexicon).  Even without a sock addiction, I was tempted.   But, hey, fiber diet.   Trying NOT to let it be the version where I spend the grocery money on fiber.

Clun Forest Wool
Natural White (the only color it comes in?)
by Enchanted

Aside from deciding it felt like a dense marshmallow when I poked it, there wasn't much else I could tell you about this fiber without the internet.   And now I have to say, now I'm almost tempted to suggest a Clun Forest to my mother, who is looking for a companion for Bea.   Look at their cute little faces!

Apparently, the fact that the fleece is made out of marshmallows makes it good for hats.   I like hats.

Alpaca Roving
80% Alpaca
20% Mulberry Silk
from Silver Sun Alpacas

It looks like cocoa with marshmallows and whipped topping.   Aren't you hungry now?  Hungry for fiber?    It is super soft!   Even though I love the angelina, I love how this is totally natural   Warm brown cocoa colored alpaca with shimmer from the silk.  It's more subtle, and very elegant.   This is another one I need to build up more spinning confidence a bit before tackling.


Sparkle Fluff!
Dales in Springtime
blend of Mohair, Longwools, and Angelina
Susan's Kitchen Fiber Arts

Susan lists several ways of using these fibers on the card that came with it, which is good, because my initial reaction was equal parts excitement and dread.    This is not the neat and tidy world of roving my learn to spin kit introduce me to.  Oh no!   This is an explosion of fiber glee-mahol!

I like that everything is separate, it gives newbie like me a chance to spread it out, and examine all the different bits and bobs.   I might try what I did with the yeti hangover yarn - spreading a lock or two on top of other, more boring, roving and spinning it together.   Or I will try one of Susan's other suggestions!


I actually think the picture sums up the pure glee pretty nicely.   From Giffordables.

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