Tuesday, May 18, 2010

And then there were buttons

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I do, somewhere, have my adventures in plying post floating around in my head, as well as various learned lessons from The Plan.

But until then...distraction!

I've had to put woodturning on hold, as well as staring at the computer screen overly much, due to sinus woes. But I'm still ok with sharp knives. In fact, I've learned that sharpening knives is actually very relaxing. I've probably spent more time sharpening my chip carving knives than actually using them, and they are just now getting to be sharp enough to safely use.

We were lucky enough to get a great set of end cuts, including a whole pile of thin African mahogany which I have found one fantastic use for.


This isn't the best picture, though there's no way to show how wonderfully the wood flashes in the light.

I'd like to learn how to french polish, even though I know, technically, that is an insane amount of work for a button.

But a french polished, hand whittled, mahogany button will be a FANTASTIC button. Mirror finished, slightly red, strangely rustic... don't you think that's a worthy project to be distracted by?

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