Friday, July 24, 2009

Therapy Friday - "Hunka" review - fruity

Oop, a short post today, I got involved in trying to figure out a new pattern to give you guys, plus various other on-line things, and I lost track of the week!

Fruity Little Drink
Peach colored
smells like Hawaiian Punch mixed with peaches
very strong scent - even touching dry soap leaves fingers smelling cheerful
incredibly creamy feel to the wet soap, and lathers very well

Peach Fizz
Tangerine colored
The same creamy and comfortable lather as Fruity Little Drink. Just a little bit on a washcloth lathers up the whole thing, and it looks like one little hunka would be good for around a week, if I let it dry outside of the shower.
Smells like fresh peaches, with maybe a touch of lemon to liven things up. Nice!

I Wanda
Smells like olive oil and some sort of girl-y lime flavored drink. It's actually very clean, and refreshing smelling.

All of these soaps have a nice fruit-stand sillage away from the soap, but up close it smells like clean, comforting, olive oil soap. I don't know if the soap smell overpowers the fruit smell up close, or if there is something about the fragrance that only works when they are actively wafting. Either way, I enjoy the effect - clean, natural, with enough fragrance to make for an interesting bubbly mini-vacation but not so overpowering that it's gag-me artificial.

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