Saturday, November 29, 2008


It's a little like Scrooge McDuck's pile of gold...

Etsy can be a very dangerous place. Or a very fun place, depending on how you look at it. Now as for me... I have a serious thread weakness. For some - it's yarn. But I like things tiny. Thus, my ever growing stash of thread. And, most recently, lace weight yarn and tatting thread. The above stash is all from the Etsy shop Snappish .

I just love all of the colorways, plus that center pull skein. It's dreamy.

And at least I can almost justify it by saying that at least it helps me be a crafty woman. Mwahahaha!

See? I'll even prove it!

Here's Kelly's friend, Kayla, wearing a nice little low waisted dress made out of some of the above stash.

It has bead closures in the back.

I sat down and pretty much crocheted a dress around the doll, so I don't think I'll be able to repeat it, not exactly.

Though working on it was very relaxing. Maybe too relaxing, since I'm not sure what I did.

I just need to add a privacy flap of some sort on the back, and then I might put it up for trade on DoA. Mostly I am hoping to find out if fitted dresses like this will fit some of the cute little bjd tinies. I hope so! It would make me so happy to see a tiny wearing one of my dresses.

And, of course, some Ponyville. I am keeping this dress for myself, because I just love the cute little puffy skirt.

See? It's like a little bubble. How fashionable! And seriously, only a creature with very slender little legs could pull off a look like that.

I certainly couldn't, and I have half as many legs.

And now on to the most important crochet project of all... PONY SOCKS. Several people at the mlptp have already seen these. Hello mlptp people!

I use to crochet pony booties a few years ago, and then lost the pattern. I was so mad at myself I took a break from it. Pony booties have a ribbon closure. Pony socks just slip on and off.

In a lot of ways No. 10 crochet cotton is too thick for socks, especially in relation to the size of ponies. And if I had a bigger stash of superfine laceweight yarn or tatting thread I would certainly experiment with scaling it down. Hmmm....

Anklets with a very subtle shell edging. Plus a legwarmer. Look at those colors! How could I make anything but anklets and a leg warmer?

Ok, I confess, this thread is not from Etsy. It's still a pony sock, though. A nice mint colored spiral sock. I only made one, because these new ponies have such big feet it weirded me out a little.

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