Saturday, October 18, 2008


Just want to try out a post.

Here's a cat!

Original pattern by Etsy seller stripeyblue (with just the eensiest teensiest edits from me).


La Alicia said...

what a sweet kitten - love the bell -- what a nice touch!

Brenda said...

Cute kitty!! Great beginning. Keep it up.

Abigail said...

la alicia-
Thank you very much! She is very small, only a little over 2 inches tall.

I like the bell, too. Though I used one for the collar and then promptly lost my entire bag of bells. :(

Thank you, I hope I am able to "keep it up", both with posting and reading!

Annette said...

A cute kitten, so soft and cuddly looking!

missknits said...

that cat is too cute!

twenty pound tabby said...

Very very nice!