Friday, July 2, 2010


Therapy Friday is clearly not working out.   It overlaps with Fiber Friday!

I will need to think of something.

But later, when I'm not annoyed.

I should ungrouch pretty soon, I think.   I am just trying to decide if I've experienced someone giving me a hard time with being a woman who woodturns, or not.  Also, I'm annoyed that Husband jumped in to save the day, and got me sent new container caps.  And I'm annoyed that the container caps, which I don't need because I could have just poured the stuff into a new (used) bottle, were not, in fact, the fiber braids I ordered almost 2 weeks ago.

Also, if you have experienced trouble posting comments please hit one of the Reaction boxes down below, doesn't matter which one.   If there is a problem, I have no idea how to fix it.  But I promise I'll work at it until I'm ready to beat the internet to a pulp.

Whooo, almost TdF10!

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